The company

Exposure Systems LTD is an innovative Hong Kong-based company active in the areas of display and stand construction systems.
Our unique concept is based on a textile print combined with an aluminum frame, our “textile frame”. These textile frames are easy to assemble and offer a wide range of uses. The various frames are supplied single- or double-sided, and with or without lighting. The aluminum frames can be placed free-standing anywhere in a room or attached to any wall. In this brochure we would like to give a detailed explanation of the possibilities presented by our products.

We hope that after reading it you will be as enthusiastic as we are! Our team is always ready to help.

Kind regards,

Mr. Yunxiang Zhong
CEO and co-founder of Exposure Systems LTD
Mr. Vincent Lingbeek
CEO and co-founder of Exposure Systems LTD


  Exposure Systems LTD