The aluminum frames with textile prints which Exposure Systems offers have countless possibilities and are therefore used for numerous applications.

On the next pages you can see examples of who uses our products, and the different ways and the wide variety of locations our products are used in.

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Wall Hanging Textile Frames

Permanent or Temporarily

Our displays can be used as a hanging, ceiling mounted, display. The hanging displays are very popular at shops, airports and museums. Most times these displays are double sided, but of course we have also a single sided model in our product program. These displays can be illuminated as well.

Free Standing Textile Frames

Single Sided or Double Sided

A number of very popular and versatile frames. Frequently used as a free-standing model. Very popular among retailers, exhibition stand builders and interior builders.

Ceiling Hanging Textile Frames

With or Without Spacing

Our lighted ceiling displays lend character and style to your interior. Our innovative LED lighting concept provides an equal light distribution and is very energy efficient. You can adjust the light intensity according to your needs and by choosing a print you can create any atmosphere you like.

Acoustic Absorbing Textile Frames

On Walls, Ceilings or Freestanding

Exposure Systems offers aluminum frames with a special kind of textile print, which absorbs sound. This application is therefore often used in conference rooms, office buildings, waiting rooms, and sound studios.

The aluminum frames can be placed anywhere in a room and can be attached to any wall and even to a ceiling. This product is the perfect combination of functionality and design

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