The LED frames of Exposure Systems belong to the absolute top in the market. The completely homogeneous illumination is the result of a well thought out mix of material and design.

With us no dark markings on the edgesbut a brilliant and clear result.

Many dealers and car brands know how to find us. We are happy to enter into long-term partnerships with these automotive specialists.

Our LED frames are Available in single and double sided versions. The LED illuminated frames from Exposure Systems are often used in car showrooms and behind the counter.

The frame is ideally suited to introductory models additional 'highlighted' exposure to give!

LED Frames

For the automotive market Exposure Systems has developed some very striking products.

These products are not only distinctive but also fully interchangeable.

Our modular product line, the M-Series contains a range of products that are well suited to the automotive industry.

6 Benefits of our LED Frames

Easy to lay

This modular flooring system is easy and quick to install. By yourself or by us.

High Load Capacity

Depending on the desired load capacity, this floor system is modular.

Various Finishes

For the finish, a well thought-out edge finish has been developed which makes any desired floor covering between 2- 10 MM possible.

Height adjustable

For the supply of cars and heavy equipment, ramps have been included in the range.

No hoists required

For the supply of cars and heavy equipment, ramps have been included in the range.

Perfectly accessible

Four MiVa (disabled) access ramps have been added to the program

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LED Frames

Cut costs by improving quality

Endless possibilities for the automotive industry

For the automotive market, Exposure Systems has developed some very striking products

In addition to LED Frames, we also have other products that are likely to fit your needs; such as Modular Floors, LED Tiles, Modular Frames and large format printing.

There is also the possibility to have the products delivered by us, or one of our selected installation partners to be placed.

Which you can also expect by working with us.

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LED Tiles

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LED Frames