LED Lightboxes

Our LED Light Boxes capture your customer's attention

Our unique incorruptible visuals are standard and ensure you can use them over and over again.

Our unique visual treatment ensures you can use and re-use our prints because they don’t wringle or ware. Watch our VIDEO to satisfy your curiosity how we do it.

Is this treatment much more expensive? No! We are proud to offer our LED light boxes – far – below the market’s average prices!

Compare them yourself!

Incorruptible Visuals

No more cracks or wrinkles

Our unique treatment ensures your LED visuals will remain perfect. Even after folding or wringing them, for example during transport.

Competitive Prices

Save costs by upgrading quality

Compare our prices with your current costs. We are confident we will make you save money, while upgrading the quality you are used to.

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Product assets

1. Multi Purpose

Use our LED light boxes where you choose. We offer solutions for every situation.

2. Multi Functional

Opt for the free wall-hanging, standing, free-hanging or integrated systems.

3. Incorruptible Visuals

Prevent ordering new visuals every time you want to setup a temporary LED Ligh Box.

4. Cost Saving Solutions

Receive similar or higher quality LED Light Boxes for lower than average prices.

Multi Purpose LED Frames

Looking for a LED light box for your event, store or office? We offer them all!

Edge Lit

Our LED frames are 'edge lit' without loosing light density in the center of - bigger - visuals.

Double and Single sided

Order all frames you might want. We offer both single and double lighted LED frames.

LED solutions  Portfolio

No wrinkles! Watch the video and convince yourself

Even after folding and creasing the visuals in an extreme fashion our LED prints are as good as new.

This video proves it!

Choose our high quality LED Light Boxes to capture your customers attention. We also add our unique incorruptible visuals to ensure you can use them over and over again.

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Our LED Lightboxes

Our products offer many solutions for different customer types. Explore what we can do for exhibitions, offices, retail, advertising agencies, hotels and more.

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Our modular product group (M-Series) comprises a wide range of standardized products with straight and curved frames, accessories and visuals.

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Our Trade Fair Booths

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